Too Much Porn? Why Not Try The NoFap Challenge For A Change.

Pretty ironic, ain’t it? A porn password site giving advice on not masturbating! On the one hand, we give you free porn passwords to some of the best premium pornsites out there like Pornhub and Mofos. While, on the other hand, here we are, talking about the NoFap challenge. However, we’re not really telling you to give up on masturbating for good. Just that, a break once in a while might be good for you in the long run.

Honestly, have you ever contemplated the amount of time and opportunities that you missed while shagging away to porn? If you have, you’ll realize just how much you lose out on when addicted to porn and masturbation. Those missed learning and job opportunities, relationships, and so many other activities that you skipped on because of the tiredness that comes from jerking off, they all add up.

To Fap Or Not To Fap…

Well, we’re not here to lecture you on quitting masturbating. Hell, who are we to say that! We give you free porn passwords to some of the best premium pornsites after all. We do, however, care about our viewers and want them to merrily jerk-off for a long, long time. Getting addicted to porn and masturbation can be detrimental to this from a physical and mental health perspective in the long run. And that is what brings us to the NoFap Challenge!

Surprisingly, there is a whole community of folks who advocate restraining from masturbation for multiple health reasons. Of course, there might be some NoFap folks who believe in giving up masturbation for good. But we’re not talking about such extreme steps! Just that some time-out once in a while can be quite beneficial to your well-being.

Well, if all you porn-loving folks are curious about what we’re talking about here, let’s waste no more time and jump right into what this NoFap challenge is all about…

What Is The Nofap Challenge?

If you’ve never heard this concept before, you must be wondering, what does NoFap even mean! Well, this term comes from the word fap, which is the internet slang for wanking off. “fapfapfap” – you’ll notice that sound now when you’re busy jerking off.

NoFap started in 2011 as a result of some folks having a conversation on Reddit on having quiet masturbation. This casual discussion on the benefits of not masturbation soon attracted such a huge number of participants, that the original folks decided to move the forum to its own website. Thus NoFap became a trademark name and organization that advocates quitting masturbation as well as measures to get out of porn and other sexual addictions.

Nofap is a community-based website that brings together like-minded individuals who believe in the many physical and mental benefits that come from quitting masturbation. The various articles, forums, and apps on the NoFap website helps individuals who are addicted to porn and masturbation, to quit and heal themselves. The NoFap community considers heavy porn usage and masturbation to be detrimental to one’s physical and mental health.

In order to completely break free from the strong desire to watch porn all the time and jerk off, it is crucial to refrain from watching porn. And that is where the NoFap challenge comes in. This community strongly believes that the brain requires a break from porn and masturbation for a period of time – ideally 90 days according to them. So if you take up the NoFap challenge, then no watching porn and shagging!

How Does The NoFap Challenge Work?

Watching too much porn, so much that it becomes a habit can change the natural neural pathways in the brain. This leads to hormonal changes, addiction, and other sexual dysfunction. In the NoFap community, the process of porn de-addiction is called ‘rebooting’. That is because the rebooting process helps to restore and heal your neural pathways.

Although the NoFap community lays down guidelines to help with the rebooting, it is primarily a personal process. The NoFap Challenge urges the participant to code abstinence from porn, masturbation, and, if possible, even sex. They believe that such abstinence is required for a period of time in order to complete the rebooting process successfully.

Although the NoFap website suggests you refrain from porn and masturbation for 90 days, it is up to you to decide the duration that is most suitable for you. So based on how addicted you are to masturbation, you may choose to do a 30, 60, or 90-day NoFap challenge. Many of those who successfully take up the NoFap challenge, swear by the numerous physical and mental benefits of it. Those who complete the NoFap challenge certainly swear by the immense physical and mental health benefits they experienced. But what are the benefits of NoFap, and is there any truth behind these claims? Read on to find out.

What are the benefits of NoFap Challenge?

What really kicked off the original NoFap discussion in Reddit was a Research that showed increased testosterone levels in those that abstained from ejaculating for 7 or more days. With a whopping 45.7 % jump in testosterone, we can understand why everyone got so excited about it! As a result, many folks decided to try out “No Fapping” and were thrilled to experience many health benefits, as mentioned below:

Mental Benefits Of The NoFap Challenge

  • Lower Stress Levels
  • Less Anxiety
  • Stronger Willpower & Self-acceptance
  • More Motivated & Confident
  • A Heightened Level Of Spirituality
  • Increased Feelings Of Happiness
  • A Better Appreciation Of The Other Gender

Physical Benefits Of The NoFap Challenge

  • A Vast Improvement In Energy Levels
  • Sound Sleep
  • Noticeable Muscle Growth
  • More Stamina
  • Improves Physical Performance
  • More focus
  • Improves Concentration Levels
  • Decreases Risk Of Prostate Cancer
  • Reduces Menstrual Cramps
  • Heals You From Erectile Dysfunction
  • And Much Better Sperm Quality

Are There Any Drawbacks To The NoFap Challenge?

Hell, you probably thought masturbation was one of the best skills we possess! Well, with so many benefits to not jerking off, are you may be wondering if there’s a catch? Actually, yes! Although short term abstinence from ejaculation does boost your testosterone levels, going for a long time without any sexual activity can have the reverse effect.

Research shows that refraining from any sexual activity and not ejaculating for more than 2-3 months brings down your testosterone levels. If you were all too excited to take on the NoFap Challenge and this has you worried, then relax, we got the solution for you. There’s plenty of things you can do to counter this effect by taking the right supplements. Here’s a great article by a renowned fitness trainer from Thailand explaining in detail natural and safe NoFap Supplements that you can take to ensure your testosterone levels stay high.

What’s The Research On Porn & Masturbation?

Although studies have shown testosterone levels to shoot up when you refrain from ejaculating, there isn’t any solid research to prove all the other benefits mentioned. Those are mostly anecdotal evidence given by those who successfully complete the NoFap Challenge.

At the same time, masturbation, too, according to experts, are an integral part of our sexual development. Similarly, porn also can be a part of healthy sexual growth. Research has shown both porn and masturbation to have benefits similar to those claimed by the NoFap community! But of course, anything in excess can be detrimental to your health. And addiction to porn and masturbation can have a lot of adverse effects on one’s physical and mental health. And in such circumstances, the rebooting process of the NoFap challenge can be immensely helpful. So coming back to…

To Fap Or Not To Fap!

The Nofap ideology, as they themselves mention on their website, is not a movement. It’s a helpful practice, although not limited to, for those suffering from porn and masturbation addiction. If you’ve been hooked on to porn and jerking off a lot at the cost of not just your physical and mental health but also relationships and personal growth, then the NoFap challenge is something you should seriously consider.

Take up the 30, 60, or 90-day Nofap Challenge, based on what is right for you. You have to be your judge here, mate! And although some of the NoFap community members even swear by giving up porn and masturbation altogether, that is not at all necessary. Just get back on track with your life, and then when you feel like, just come to Free Porn Passwords and log on to your favorite premium pornsite and rightfully shag away!

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